What Information Does Eggl Collect About Me?
Eggl collects nothing about you or your usage habits on your Mac. All data that you provide Eggl through features such as Timers remains local on your Mac, and is never transmitted, sold, or otherwise made accessible to anyone other than yourself. If Eggl crashes, and you have enabled Share analytics information from your Mac with developers, your anonymized data may be shared with Alex Lunnon. Read more about this feature of macOS and how to turn it on/off here. If you share your crash data with Eggl's developer, Alex Lunnon (AL), it is only used for the purposes of debugging issues with Eggl and is never shared with or sold to additional 3rd parties. This crash and analytics data does not identify you, your location, or anything personal about you. Apple provides sales data to all developers who distribute apps through the Mac App Store. This data is strictly reports of units/copies sold (or, downloaded for free in Eggl's case). This data contains no personally identifying information. Eggl and AL have no idea who you are, or what you've been doing (and they like it that way).
Does Eggl Track Me?
Nope. Eggl is not a web-based app, and it doesn't know your internet activities. Eggl and AL don't care about what you do on the internet. Additionally, Eggl is not designed to collect or retain any information about your location, usage, or activity.
Does Amphetamine Sell My Information?
Nope. Since Eggl does not collect or retain any of your personal data, there's nothing to sell. Eggl doesn't show you any advertisements, and has no information about you to sell to to advertisers.